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Twenty Twenty One

2021 is a pretty big year in our world, with lots of milestones. Here are just a few –

This little cutie turned 45 in January! (Our first born!)

This young fella turned 40 last month.  (Our baby!)

This young lady will be graduating from high school in May. (Oldest of the Grands)


This young couple will be celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary this summer.

This wonderful crazy family will be gathering once again at The Cabin this year. Though I do believe the crowd will be a fair bit larger! =)  (Last count, with all the generations accounted for, we’re up to 70!)

This young man (who is now 10) will be experiencing his Grams and Pops Adventure this summer.

GarySteph Wedding
These kids will be celebrating their 50th anniversary in September,

and this itty-bitty will be turning 70 in November.

What a year! Of course there are many, many other birthdays and anniversaries that are just as important, so these are just some highlights.  Sounds like it’s going to be a Party Year around here!

Mondays are for Memories – The Wedding

Thirteen years ago today we all gathered in Lancaster, PA for the wedding of our youngest son and beautiful Abigail. Here’s the post from that wonderful event (and an up to date picture at the end!)

The Wedding (posted 3/15/2007)


I’ve been having a hard time trying to put into words the wonderful weekend that centered around the wedding of our youngest son Josiah to his sweetheart Abigail. It was full of family and friends (both old and new), had a little dose of stress (what wedding doesn’t!), contained both laughter and tears, and at the end of the day Mr. & Mrs. Josiah Conrad left to begin their new life together. Our accommodations were great , the rehearsal dinner worked out just fine, and we had a wonderfully peaceful Saturday to just hang around with family.
Since pictures are ALWAYS worth a thousand words (or at least a couple of paragraphs!) – here is a selection of some taken with my camera. Remember, I was pretty distracted being the Mother Of The Groom!


wedding2 Cake Cutting


The (steal the show) Flower Girls…..


wedding girls weddingdistraction



wedding preview

The Family….

The Conrad Wedding Picture


The BIG Family Wedding Picture

The Wedding Quilt…..

wedding quilt
There are a couple more pictures here, and as I get more from different sources, I’ll get them posted!
And as soon as I confirm their new address, I’ll post that too! What kind of mother am I!


And today….. 4 little boys, a move across the country, and more adventures than they ever thought possible!

Happy Anniversary, dear ones!! We’ve loved watching your love grow!

Family Weekend Fun

Wedding. Family. Heritage.

Sometimes everything just comes together is a super-special way, and you’re left with more precious memories than you’d ever imagined!

Our youngest niece, Sydney, got married on Saturday to the love of her life, Nate. The wedding was at a beautiful barn in central Vermont – the Cyr Barn.
It was one of those (typical) Vermont summer days where if you looked in one direction it looked like a beautiful day.
Check out the blue sky!
But as the wedding progressed, the clouds over the mountain took on a bit more threatening look.
The weather did not squelch any of the joy of the day however!
The reception was in the barn, which was whimsically decorated with white lights and white tulle.
We loved being able to share in the joy of the day, and we LOVED being able to spend the day with my siblings and their spouses.
We clean up pretty nicely, don’t we??

So we spent Saturday at that lovely wedding, not only being able to celebrate with Syd and Nate, but also enjoying sweet visits with the sibs. Such a precious day. But then on Sunday, with no advance planning whatsoever, we were able to connect with our Canadian family who ‘just happened’ to be in Vermont over the weekend. What a delight!!
Dewey and Sharon couldn’t join us since they were in post-wedding recovery mode, but it was so grand to see these folks. We even gave it a Senior Citizen attempt at a 10 person selfie.
Where’s that selfie stick when you need it!!

Usually, if we are in Vermont we are staying at the cabin. This time, though, the cabin was being used for the rehearsal dinner and housing for the groomsmen, so we opted to stay at another piece of our family history – the Dwinell Homestead.
This home was built by my great-grandfather and his brother, and 5 generations later it’s still in the family. It wasn’t being used this weekend, so we made arrangements to stay there. It’s only used in the summer, and in many ways has remained just as it was at the turn of the century. (Think lots and lots of extension cords!) We poked around in the genealogy books, checked out the vast array of old pictures, and tried to conjure up just who might have sat in what chair last century.
Super special to stay there!

Wedding, Family, Heritage. What a beautiful weekend!
If you’d like to see a few additional pictures of our glorious weekend, you can check them out HERE!