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Winding down

We still have several more days of SOWER work for this project, but since the next few days could get pretty busy, I figured I’d get a head start on the wrap-up!
Last week we ladies concentrated on rags. Yep – every housekeeping department relies heavily on rags, and when there are always towels that are not up to snuff for guests, why buy rags when you can make them? So we cut up towels and zig-zagged around the edges of a multitudinous pile of towel sections!

One of us cut, and two of us sewed.
It was a bit of a linty job
but still fun to sit at the sewing machine and enjoy each other’s company.
As for the guys – well, they had a list of lots of smaller jobs, so I really can’t report on what exactly they accomplished. But I know they were busy –
and they came home tired.
Oh – but I can report that the sign lighting job was a grand success!
Speaking of lights – today we ladies joined the men at the start of the day in changing out all of the fluorescent lights in the kitchen to LEDs. It was quite the task, and our jobs were to be the hander-upper-tool-getters for the guys on the ladders.
And I did get a rare picture of what appears to be men reading the directions.

It hasn’t been all work around here, but it’s getting late and that alarm is going off at 6 tomorrow. So the fun stuff will have to wait until tomorrow!
Thanks for stopping by!

Settling in once again

The new neighborhood!
Word of Life Florida – Hudson, FL

We made it safely across the state and are settling in nicely at our February SOWER project – Word of Life Florida (WOL) – another new-to-us location! We haven’t explored much, but we do know they have an RV campground with over 250 spots! Not to mention many other standard accommodations, so this place is really busy! During the winter months, WOL runs weekly programs with speakers and concerts, and while we won’t be able to enjoy many of those events, we hope to be able to take in a few! We’re the Group Leaders again this month, and we haven’t met with our project manager yet, so we’re not sure just what our jobs will be. And since the rest of the team won’t be arriving until tomorrow, tonight we’re just enjoying a nice quiet start to February!
And that works just fine for us!