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Thankful for stretching

Maybe it’s more accurate to say I’m thankful for friends who stretch me beyond my comfort zone.

Today I went zip lining.
(In case you can’t tell, I’m the one in orange!)
After we were all geared up, we had to climb up that tower behind us.
Thankfully there are stairs on the inside and we didn’t have to go up the rock wall.
Once we were up top, we were hooked up to the ziplines.
If I look like I was holding on for dear life, it’s because I was.
Yeah. I was going to let go and step off at the count of 3.
Yep! Really. (Remember, I’m that orange dot on the right!)

While it’s true that it was about 30 minutes of orientation, gearing up, climbing up, and getting into place for maybe 30 seconds of “Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee”, it still was a great experience.

So thankful I was stretched to start my 67th year with a bit of a plunge!