So where are we now? Live Oak, Florida

January 7 – February 4, 2022
Our January SOWER project is at Florida Sheriffs Boys Ranch located just outside of Live Oak, Florida.

There are four of us SOWER couples here this month – one couple we’ve worked with before, one couple we’ve met before, and one couple that is on their first SOWER project! We haven’t met with our host yet, so while I’m not sure exactly what we’ll be doing, I have heard very familiar words like painting, cleaning, kitchen and renovation. As always, we’re looking forward to what the LORD will be teaching us this month as we do “Our Best*” to serve him!

*Our Best is our official SOWER song!
Hear ye the Master’s call, “Give Me thy best!”
For, be it great or small, that is His test.
Do then the best you can, not for reward,
Not for the praise of men, but for the Lord.
Every work for Jesus will be blest,
But He asks from everyone his best.
Our talents may be few, these may be small,
But unto Him is due our best, our all.

Seeing the country……Serving our Lord!