So where are we now? New Life Ranch – Frontier Cove

Aug 26 – September 20 (give or take!)
Our cross country trek is over, and we have landed safely at our September SOWER project (yes, it is starting in August. Sometimes that happens!). We’re serving at New Life Ranch – Frontier Cove which is located NE of Tulsa on the banks of Lake Hudson.  This is a new(ish) location for this camp, but has some amazing features. Like a complete Old West town, two go-cart tracks, and a pretty impressive water park (that we haven’t even seen yet!).
Oh, and some lake frontage too!
We’ll be working with one other couple, so we’re looking forward to getting lots accomplished for the camp AND experiencing the gift of fellowship!

HERE’S an article about the camp with a little bit of history of it’s previous life as Dry Gulch, USA!


Seeing the country……Serving our Lord!