So where are we now? The Texas Hill Country

January 4 – February 28
The Texas Hill Country, outside of San Antonio

The new year started out with some unexpected twists and turns, so this “Where are you now?” page has been a bit neglected.  But in a nutshell –


January 4 – Feb 1 – We are parked at Deer Creek Camp in the tiny town of Medina, TX (located NW of San Antonio).





As a ‘sub-set’ of our time at Deer Creek, I was in Vermont for two of those weeks –  Brrrr…….







Next week we pack up our house and move down the road (or maybe it’s up the road) to His Hill Bible School and Ranch, in Comfort, TX. We’ll be there for the month of February.  Same territory, but a different ministry.  We like that!

That’s the nutshell!

Seeing the country……Serving our Lord!