This past weekend we took a drive over to Waco.
Ever since daughter Lara moved north to Columbus, we’ve tried to make it to Waco at least once a year to connect with some of the folks we’d come to love during the five years she lived there. (To read more about our Waco Connection, check THIS POST out!) To make this little weekend in Wacotown even more exciting, Lara, Herbert and Alexandra were able to fly down and join the fun! This was Alexandra’s first visit to Waco, so she was (needless to say) the focus of the weekend
but we did manage to squeeze in some other activities while we were there!
There was the Winter Wonderland in downtown, where Miss A got to meet Santa-
And then it was down to the river
Waco! #nightlife
and dinner at the Baylor Club in the new (fancy-schmancy) stadium.
The restaurant is right inside the stadium, so we could really check out the new Baylor Bears’ home.
Pretty impressive! Dinner was great too (though I totally failed to get a picture of all of us there!). It was a great start to the weekend!
The next day, after meeting with a couple of contractors about some work at the house,
we set out to check out Magnolia Market at the Silos – the brainchild of HGTV personalities Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer-Upper fame. It’s been a wonderful addition to Waco, as it has renovated previously abandoned granaries and silos.
Aside from lots of expensive stuff to purchase, there is also a great outdoor area where A was able to experience Pops in a whole new way!
(you’re coming, mama, right?)
And then there was this….

IMG_6283_edited-1 IMG_6284_edited-1 IMG_6285_edited-1 IMG_6286_edited-1

Since she was just beginning to walk, she wasn’t about to give the sack race a try!
But perhaps the most fun was cramming all 7 of us into the free photo booth –
Now that’s a memory maker!
It was all-in-all a very special weekend! We ate out too much (but made sure one of those stops was at an In-N-Out Burger) and got to hang out with lots of our Waco Peeps!
Many of whom did not make it into any pictures! Sorry!
By the end, we were all feeling a bit like this –

Sure did seem like a long drive home,
but the good news is we’ll be seeing ALL of our sweet family in just a couple of weeks. And THAT’S something that will get me through the day!

Thanks for all the love, Wacotown – you know we’ll be back when we can!

PS – There are a couple more pictures from our Waco Weekend HERE if you’re interested!

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